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  • Trailer The Shining

    Horror, by Stanley Kubrick, United States, 1980.
    Based on the novel of the same name written by Stephen King in 1977, the film tells the drama of a family who must spend the winter in total isolation in a hotel in the high mountains, the scene of disturbing and supernatural events that drive his ...

  • Trailer Dr Strangelove

    General Jack D. Ripper, commander of the US airbase in Burpelson, transmits to his flock of 34 strategic B-52 bombers at that moment in flight the executive order of the "R" plan, that is the plan of nuclear reaction to an attack enemy, in order to start a nuclear war against the Soviet Union. No...

  • Trailer A Clockwork Orange

    Drama, sci-fi, by Stanley Kubrick, United States, 1971.
    Based on the dystopian novel of the same name written by Anthony Burgess in 1962, it prefigures, leaning on a sociological and political style, a society devoted to exasperated violence, especially among young people, and to a conditioning o...