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  • Trailer Full Metal Jacket

    War, by Stanley Kubrick, United States, 1987.
    The film, whose original title refers to the copper-plated brass sheath of jacketed bullets, cited by one of the protagonists in the middle of the story, is inspired by the novel The Short-Timers by Gustav Hasford, a former Marine and war corresponden...

  • Trailer Eyes Wide Shut

    Drama, Thriller, by Stanley Kubrick, United States, 1999.
    Eyes Wide Shut refers to a person, often naive or inexperienced, who refuses to see something in full view due to preconceived notions or taboos. Bill and Alice, a wealthy couple, attend the pre-Christmas party of their friend, the wealthy...

  • Trailer Barry Lyndon

    History, drama, by Stanley Kubrick, United States, 1975.
    Although the release in theaters did not produce conspicuous collections, Barry Lyndon is today considered one of the best films by Kubrick, who is director, screenwriter and producer, and one of the greatest cinematographic works ever made...