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  • Trailer Dr Strangelove

    General Jack D. Ripper, commander of the US airbase in Burpelson, transmits to his flock of 34 strategic B-52 bombers at that moment in flight the executive order of the "R" plan, that is the plan of nuclear reaction to an attack enemy, in order to start a nuclear war against the Soviet Union. No...

  • Trailer A Clockwork Orange

    Drama, sci-fi, by Stanley Kubrick, United States, 1971.
    Based on the dystopian novel of the same name written by Anthony Burgess in 1962, it prefigures, leaning on a sociological and political style, a society devoted to exasperated violence, especially among young people, and to a conditioning o...

  • Trailer 2001 A Space Odyssey

    Sci-fi, by Stanley Kubrick, United States, 1968.
    A science fiction colossal set in the near future, it touches on themes such as the identity of human nature, its destiny, the role of knowledge and technology. Based on the 1948 short story Arthur Clarke's Sentinel. The film is considered a master...