Independent, Arthouse and Cult Movies

Go beyond the movies offered by the usual commercial platforms and the official circuit. On Indiecinema you will find hundreds of "truly" independent films, rare arthouse films, cult films and unobtainable documentaries selected from all over the world, articles and extras with a vision of personal growth. With a single subscription and on any device. No limits, no ads. Emerging directors and new indie films not to be missed every week. Join the indie films club now!
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Discover New Independent Films

Indiecinema is a subscription streaming indie films service dedicated to lovers of independent cinema and the hidden treasures of cinematic art. Discover the films of the new generation of young emerging directors and the rare and forgotten cult films of the masters of cinema history. One monthly or annual subscription, hundreds of movies, no strings attached. On Indiecinema you will find independent films that are often overlooked and cannot be found on popular streaming platforms.

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Rare Classics and Cults

In the history of cinema, are there "originals" that are "copied" by today's film industry? On Indiecinema, in addition to new independent and new auteur films, you can rediscover cult films from the past, avant-garde cinema, forgotten masterpieces, films from distant countries. Start a free trial now.

Indiecinema Blog

Through the in-depth analysis of the Indiecinema Blog, discover indie films that are really worth watching in every existing film genre and sub-genre. Whether you prefer gothic movies, romantic comedies, surf movies, medieval historical films, or timeless masterpieces, the blog has great must-see movie guides and articles for every thematic interest.

Indiecinema Film Festival

To discover new independent films, shorts and documentaries from all over the world, there is the Indiecinema Film Festival, where you can find new talents and the latest news among independent films.

How to use Indiecinema

You can use the Indiecinema platform on any device connected to the internet with an active subscription. You can stream movies from your smartphone to your smart TV. If you have a TV not connected to the internet you can use Chromecast through the HDMI input. The platform is perfectly optimized for mobile devices even without the use of apps.

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They Say About Indiecinema

"Indiecinema was a wonderful discovery to find new indie films to see! The discovery of independent cinema ... a real hotbed of artists! ..." Sylvia.

"Lots of independent films where the word independent doesn't necessarily mean different or strange, much less of lesser quality." Frederick.

"... for some weeks I have been following this new streaming channel dedicated to independent and arthouse cinema, which does not bend to the logic of the market. Thanks to this new reality I have met new films to see, new directors, new actors, new stories ... "Fabien.

"An indispensable and necessary channel to be able to discover arthouse films," hidden "works of independent cinema and great cult classics. Recommended for all cinema lovers." Alex.

"I recommend it to anyone who sees cinema as a fundamental tool for social inclusion, creative freedom and personal growth." Carl.

"... a perfect choice to satisfy the desire for cinema at an affordable price and to watch new films that dissociate themselves from the usual commercial stereotypes." Angela.

"Many have wanted to do it for years. Indiecinema has done it!" Silvie.

"I highly recommend it to open your horizons and discover new films to watch. Finally, thanks to Indiecinema, I am seeing selected films, never banal, that I have been looking for for a long time." Sylvan.

"Really interesting project that proposes a cultural and film education operation that the institutions have promised for years taking us for a ride. What was missing." Adele.

Watch on Every Device

Selected films to watch with a perfectly smooth streaming on all devices connected to the internet. Perfect playback in high definition, on your TV, computer, tablet or smartphone. Watch Indiecinema wherever you are, whenever you want. No contract, no bond. Activate, pause or cancel your subscription in 10 seconds.

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